Friday, November 21, 2008

The Scoop on Twilight:The Movie

*So I just got back from watching the movie, Twilight. I thought I would write a review while everything is fresh in my mind. What did I think? Hmmmm, I would have to give it a 5 out of ten. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular. 
Warning: There are some SPOILERS.

*Things I thought were awesome-
-the actor who portrayed Charlie did an excellent job 
-the scene where Bella leaves Charlie is probably the most emotional
- jessica stanley was good
-I liked the Cullens. Their part in the movie made it exciting.
-the baseball scene was wicked cool. Very entertaining, but wished it was longer
-the fight scene was cool, wished it was a little bit longer, but the whole scene was fun
-overall the cinematography was good. showed the beauty of that area
-the look on Jaspar's face when Edward saves bella from the crashing van.
-there was some good humor in the film, funny lines
-the soundtrack-the various artists' songs added to the movie
-Bella's Lullaby-very pretty melody

*Things that could be better
-the portrayal of Edward  (the way Edward was portrayed was awkward. They made Edward kind of seem dumb at first and they tried to portray Edward's tension too much on screen like how he considers himself a monster. It seemed it little over the top. The story is very internal and trying to externalize the character's thoughts is hard. 
-cheesy lines. I know there are defnitely some cheesy lines in the book, but would someone really say some of these things.
-the pacing-some scenes went really fast, too fast like the scenes with the Cullens and then some were really slow
-the biology scene-seriously the big fan and edward twitching and covering his nose. I know they were trying to make it visible to non-twilight fans that edward was addicted to her scent, but doing that made the scene unintentionally funny. 
-overacting-trying to be a vampire when you are really human was a little bit visible in the movie
-for the amount of publicity and promoting/interviews with all the cast of the Cullen's you would think they would be in the movie a little bit more.  They had small parts. 
-the special effects-trying to make the vampires really fast was hard to do so that part made it a little cheesy. Its a low budget film so u can't expect perfect special effects. 
-the emo score- the lullaby incorporated in the soundtrack was good, but the rest was a little cheesy.
-carlisle's chalk white makeup-why was his so white? He may be immortal, but try and not make him look dead. what were the makeup people thinking?

*Overall, I thought this was OK considering the low budget and a first of a series. I just wished they showed more of the other vampires. I watched it the second time and my perception of the movie is a little harsher. It got cheesier.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Kind of Bread makes or breaks a sandwich

I have made a discovery on campus. There is this little place  where they have these absolutely delicious sandwiches. They are small but on a irrisistable ciabatta bread. and they are healthy too! I like sandwiches but this bread made me love them. If you get the cheap 99 cent bread, there is a huge difference; thats when I stop eating sandwiches,. I suggest getting the tasty good quality kind. So a lesson learned, the kind of bread can make or break a sandwich.
And now I really like Ciabatta bread.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cause we like to party...

Sorry have not posted in a long
Besides going to class and doing homework, I like to have fun. Our apartment likes to have parties. We have fondue parties, hot chocolate parties, and believe it or not drinking parties-mormon style as in non-alcoholic For Halloween, we had a carnival sort of party. we bobbed for apples, had donuts tied to a string, pie eating contests, and lots of fun games planned.
Last Friday, we had a birthday/drinking party. We had lots of margaritas, food, and funny games like drunke
n mormon. If you have not heard of drunken mormon, it is basically where you take a broom and hold it close to your body, look straight up at the ceiling and spin really fast about twenty times and then try and jump over the broom. Its quite amusing to watch.  
We have created quite a lot of messes from spraying 12 cans of silly string, having pumpkin guts fights, and other fun activities.
Stuff  I have done...
fondue parties
drinking party
halloween party
hot chocolate and cookie party
pumpkin carving
and more

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A website

So for one of my classes, I am taking in online media class. Basically, I have to create and design a website. I have posted up a link of a very very basic website. It might not look that pretty.
So far things are going well, just school, hanging out with friends and roommates. Our apt. has had a couple fondue parties, so thats been fun.
well til later

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Response to my sister's tag-Beckie

3 Joys
-Hanging out with the Family

3 fears
-being kidnapped
-losing a loved one

3 goals
-graduate from college
-start a career
-get married

3 current obsessions
-my computer
-Arrested Development
-surfing the web

3 random facts about me
- I like collecting movies, especially those movies that have my favorite actor or actress.
-I would like to have a bunny as a pet who is also potty trained.
-I use a pillow to drive so I can reach the gas and brake.

I TAG MOM and DAD because they are cool and they are family.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Learning how to skateboard... on TV

Here's a link to a story about Proper Boards and Apparel skateboarding store. I am the guinea pig. haha just joking.
The video is called Proper Boards and Apparel
Its a 2-for-1 fun deal.

The End of all Things... Not ReallyÜ

So on July 18th I finished my internship. I was so lucky to intern at FOX 21. It has been a blast. I have learned a lot and made friends too. Here is a reflective essay I wrote about my experience.

Life as an Intern
A Reflective Essay

Part I
The Journey

It was only three months ago when I first walked into the FOX studio. I remember feeling sick to my stomach as I wondered how I was going to be treated, what I was going to do. It seemed overwhelming. But as soon I began my internship, the workers made me feel welcome. I first dove into my internship with a rocky anchor read and a look at the graphics that I would eventually be doing on a frequent basis. I was unsure, unsure if this right for me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was scared and nervous, feeling I would never be comfortable there.
My very first weeks were awkward; awkward meant I was terribly shy. Everyone seemed so laid back while I felt so out of place. I would barely talk except ask questions. Despite my intimidation, I still would do things I was terrified of doing. On the second day, I was asked to help interview. I did it, but with the uncertainty. The beginning, I basically observed and watched, trying to learn the basics. I shadowed reporters, the director, the assignment editor, and photographers. I was a sponge trying to soak up all the information. I was surprised to know that news was so complex.
After a little while, after getting the feel of things, I began doing. Instead of just asking questions, I asked to do stand-ups, to practice writing scripts, to edit packages. I feel I learn best that way. Spending weeks of observing is not enough. Learning comes best when you have the hands-on experience. I still felt a little uncomfortable with the news team, but I kept pushing out of my comfort zone. I will never learn if I never do.
As I began to take action, I began to see what I am better at and what I would like to pursue. Being a videographer and editor seems the most interesting. I would try to write my own packages which are probably the most challenging and then I would edit the footage. One of the trickiest things is voice tracking. It took me a little while to feel comfortable enough to do that, to talk aloud so everyone can hear. With the help of Jocelyn, the assignment editor, I was able to go on high profile stories, to see President Bush, go on the top security command center, to see Obama, and be on TV.
I realize that I am on perfectionist. I don’t like to sit around when there was not much to do. Doing nothing made me feel lazy so I was anxious to grab an empty computer, to start editing, perfecting my work. I would try and make myself busy, grab every opportunity I could.
The last few weeks were different. I began to talk more, to chat about stuff that wasn’t all work. It was when I began to open myself up more that I began to connect to those I spent so much time with. I became comfortable. Interning became easier. If I never learned to not be so self-conscious, to relax a little bit, I don’t think I would value my experience at FOX as much.
Being more flexible, more comfortable helped me learn that internship are great experiences. I will miss working here a lot! But this internship has given me confidence and hope as I begin my career in broadcasting.

Part II
The Lessons

“The internship is only as good as the intern”
These were one of the most important words my supervisor said to me. It is true. I could have sat back, just watched, but if I wasn’t willing to put forth effort to learn, my internship would be unsuccessful. Internships require hard work; it requires action. There are some stations that might not let the intern do that much, so that can’t be helped, but if they do, I say go for it.

If you don’t ask, you lose the opportunities
Ask, yes ask, even if it’s uncomfortable. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They say no. But if you never ask, it will never happen. Ask to do stand-up, to shoot video, to edit, to go on video shoots. Doing this helped me get several stand-ups and a few packages for my resume tape. This goes with my first lesson.

News can be stressful
Sometimes you go out on stories and that story has to be turned quickly. I went to a fire story and we got back at 8:30, the newscast started at 9. That meant the package had to be edited and on air in mater of minutes. Turning a story quickly can make the job stressful.
I also was in charge of graphics one night and had almost double to do. It was a tight deadline, but I scrambled. I got my first taste of being under the pressure.

Respecting the Work
I made the move to see the aspects of the station: master control, promotions, commercial production etc. This helped me understand what others have to go through. If you don’t understand what other peoples’ job responsibilites are and respect them, tensions will be more likely. Also, realize that everyone works hard so asking to help is important. I would ask to carry equipment, do the graphics, etc. It just makes everything go smoother and the workers don’t mind either.

Practice makes perfect
When I made graphics; it took a lot of practice. Repetition was the key. Several times I received training, but the more I did it, the faster, the better I became. I kept losing video footage so I constantly had to make new packages, re-edit footage, and overall re-do things, It was frustrating, but doing more helped be better and what I was learning.

Copyright 2008, Hillary Strawderman

All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Cheers!!! Bubby pretending to sleep

Anaya Dancing

Hanging Out... With the Fam.

Today I invited Em, Josh, and the kiddies to go feed the ducks. I know Austin and Anaya love that. Austin wanted to pet the ducks and geese so when a goose wasn't looking, Austin went right up to him and touched it. We were surprised. Anaya loved throwing bread to the geese. Bubby was busy chasing the birds. It was fun.

I also went to Ben's wedding reception (my brother and law's brother). Bubby loved touching all the "balloons" while Anaya was busy eating and hanging out with her mom. Anaya also likes to jump. She tries so hard and she barely gets off the ground.

Interning...Life as an intern

This Wednesday I went on a story about scams. A lady got a phone call about being a winner of some wal-mart sweepstakes. The scam was not really believable, but I guess a lot of people fall for it. I realized some stories, its harder to find b-roll footage. The reporter and I talked about the realities of working on tv, the time commitment, the hours, the lifestyle etc. We talked about filming and writing that the video footage and audio should each tell the story.
Next, I helped an editor do the graphics for the newscast. He is training to be a director and I've done the graphics before so I led him through the steps. I also ran prompter for some of the nightly newscast. That was fun.
This Thursday I went to a story about a camp for kids whose parents are deployed oversees. The reporter let me conduct all the interviews, that includes making up the questions. I then asked to do a stand-up. It was a creative one. I wore a 45 lb. police vest, heavy metal helmet and other things while delivering the standup. It was active. Next, I talked to news director Joe Cole, where he showed me some resume tapes and told me what to look for. Some things he noticed were fast montages and natural stand-ups. It was very helpful to get the details of what is expected in news.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hanging out with the Fam...

While in Colorado, I have the opportunity to hang out with my sister and her family. That means playing with my niece and nephew. That is fun. Anaya is usually very quiet and girly which is adorable. Austin is so energetic and fun to talk to. Sometimes I go swimming with them and help supervise.

Beckie came into town last weekend. It was a lot of fun. We went shopping, swimming, talked, had a movie night etc. It was great to have some company and its a bonus when its with family. She stayed at my place in my own apt. We chatted and had good quality time.

Oh so I've been living in my new apt. Its nice to have my own crib. I have a nice mountain view and close location to family.

The Halfway Mark...An Overview

Well I can't believe this upcoming week is my halfway mark of my internship. I have learned a lot these last several weeks, but I still have much to learn. Its overwelming there is so much to know. There are so many questions. So far a few of things I have done...
A LOT of these things I have learned the very basics. Its just a little taste of everything.

1. shooting video for packages and VOSOT's

2. learn some basic functions of the camera's- different camera shots, features etc.

3. how to direct a topical

4. the process of making newscast graphics for the show and importing them into the Aprisa system.

5. running prompter

6. a little bit of how master control works

7. how to shoot a commerical that will please both audience and client

8. how the basic Avid newscutter program works

9. how I-news works

10. to shoot stand-ups (more difficult then they look)

11. the responsiblites of assignment editor

12. what a producer does- what the script involves

13. how to set up the FOX studio

and there's more that I haven't listed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I did what...

An intern day- Tuesday the 13th

I went at 6:30 to a shoot at Peterson Air force Base to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NORAD-North American Defense Command. There was a lot of security. We had to have the car, all the equipment, and bags checked several times. They even had to go through the video footage, have escorts everywhere etc. This tedious process helped me learn that sometimes news require waiting for a long time. Patience is a must. I then watched a reporter log the sound clips and video she wanted. Next, I went to the Olympic center and watched speakers talk to Olympic athletes about etiquette and how to behave in Beijing. There were volleyball teams and martial art teams there. It was really cool to see. One of the reporters at FOX then interviewed an Olympian that does taekwando.

Friday, May 2, 2008

More to Learn...

This week I watched the night side producer produce the nine P.M. newscast. He showed me that he looks for national and state stories and then fills in the local stories. He also showed me how the Ross command video system works. I also watched director, Ian make some CG's and OTS graphics etc. I tried making them and was able to make one for the newscast. This week I mainly watched different reporters and photographers edit pkgs, VOSOT's etc. They went pretty fast, but it was good to know the shortcuts and basic editing process. I also went with Pedro at the forum DNC convention. I asked a couple questions too for an interview. The next day, I went with promotions/commercial production, I watched them shoot a commercial, how they do the lighting and a little bit of how the camera works. I then watched them put the footage in Avid. I also got to pick the music for the commercial. Ok. That's all.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Intern

So Monday was my first day as an intern. I am learning a lot.

So far I have...

-Rolled prompter during a mock anchor reading

- Created CG over the shoulder and other graphics

- Helped conduct on the site interviews for a top news story package (It was a Canon Elementary school closing pkg)

- Learned the many responsiblites of director

-Learned how FOX does their newscast run-downs

-Learned how news stories are found

-Seen a newscast live and the BTS that happens before the show


Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am 21!!!!

Hey I had a great birthday everyone. Well first, I did white glove cleaning which wasn't fun, but I got my driver's liscense. That was exciting. Then I finished packing and made the four and half hour trip to Provo without a single stop. It was the first time to travel long distances by myself. Well utah isn't a really long drive.

When I got to Provo, I relaxed for a few minutes and then beck and i were off to the airport to pick Em up. We then went to Ikea. Got 50 cent hot dogs and went around the store. I got a few kitchen supplies while Em got a quit cover and a few other things. That was fun.

Then after that we went to Denny's. I got my b-day presents: a gift card, kitchen stuff, and some cool playing cards. It was really nice. I had my usual country fried steak with country fried potatoes. I also got a free dessert, cheesecake with chocolate on top. It was delicious. It was a lot of fun because we took funny pics at Denny's. I loved being able to be with my sisters. We laughed and chatted.

Next, we went home. There was also a pink tiera, a birthday bag, and some birthday balloons waiting for me. Beck made a birthday cake for me. It was chocolate as well and said Happy Birthday Hillary! and had the number 21. We then opened more presents. I got a shirt and shorts from Beck and some jewelry from Em. We then had IBC root beer with the bottles that look like beer bottles. We then took pictures chugging down the root beer it was fun. Then we went to bed.

It was a fun day. I am so glad I was able to spend it with my sisters.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The End of the Semester... And Everything Else...

-Well my sixth semester of college has come and gone. Actually when I start my internship, I will be a senior since I will have more than 90 credits. Now its just packing and cleaning as I try and cram as much stuff to take to Colorado.

-I finished the last book of the Twilight series, Eclispe. It was really good. There were a lot stories from different characters that were told. I am anxious for the fourth one to come out in August. I still think Twilight is the best book, then Eclispe, and then New Moon.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Cool Video

Hey Guys
here is a cool video link I heard about when my sunday school teacher brought it up in class.

It might seem negative at first, but wait and watch the whole thing!

What do you think? Neat huh?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twilight- The Review...

So I just finished Twilight and New Moon. Yes! I read them quite fast. They were very good. I am suprised I liked them so much since its so romantic and mushy. But I loved Twilight. It was supsenseful especially at the end. New Moon I liked, but not as much because of certain elements of the story [shhh. I can't tell:)]. I am trying to wait to read the third book for the summer. We will see.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Movies I recommend...
1. Horton Hears a Who
2. Dan in Real Life
3. August Rush
4. I am David

Don't Even Bother Watching...
1. The R.M.- cheesy and over the top
2. Baptists at our Barbeque- cheesy and over the top
3. Latter Night Live (It wasn't really that funny, except one guy)
4. Billy Madison- The guy's annoying and really crude. I stopped watching it. It was offensive.

Books I recommend reading...
1. The David Pelzer series- yes all the books. Its about endurance and dedication. Really good.
2. Killer Angels- Any Civil war buffs? I'm not one, but its a good one about Gettysburg.
3. Dante's Inferno- A complicated, but interesting read.

Bear with me... It may not be visually appealing

Hey just started the blog today, but bear with me. I don't know how to edit the pictures so they are formatted nicely.
But Have a Great Day!

We're dying... Easter Eggs.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

1. Youson, Youna, and me

2. Me, Avrina, and Youson ready to dye the eggs.

Hey So my roommates and I decided to dye easter eggs today since its that holiday. It was a lot of fun. We took crayons and drew on the eggs and then put them in purple, pink, yellow, green, and orange dye. It was a lot of fun.

A Scoot in the park...

On Saturday, it was a pretty nice day so I decided to take my kick scooter and scoot around in a park and have some quiet, relaxing time. It was a little chilly for my taste. During my visit, I took some pictures of the frozen ponds and the hundreds of ducks that would swarm you if you brought food for them. It was really nice. Enjoy the photos.

  1. Frozen pond with sunset 2. The Road Ahead 3. One of the many ducks

My First Post

Howdy All,
Well guys this is my first blog post. Exciting. Well not much going on. I just have school which is good. I really like my Old Testament class. I never knew I would learn so much. I always thought that the Old Testament had some weird and obscure stories. Classes end in a few weeks which is scary. Ahhh.

So I started reading the Twilight series, well at least the first book anyway. I thought it looked kind of lame at first, but it is actually really good. Very interesting and the writing style is excellent. I'll let you know how I really liked it when I finish the book.