Saturday, June 27, 2009

You know you are short when...

1. You have to sit on a pillow when you drive. It is all about the visibility folks. 
2. You can't change a light bulb because you can't reach it even standing on a chair.
3. You can't see your whole face in a public restroom mirror because the mirror is too high.
4. Your feet dangle from a chair cause your feet can't touch the ground. 
5. You have to climb on shelves to get to a higher shelf and thats when the employee asks you to stop and volunteers to get the item for you.
6. you have to wait for the bishopric to lower the podium a couple feet before giving a sacrament talk.
7. you can barely reach the pedals when going on an exercise bike. You have to stretch your legs and "yes, the seat cannot go any lower. sorry."
8. you have a hard time giving your signature on the credit card machine. You either have to try and lower the machine or stand on your tippy toes. (this has happened before and more than once!)
I will try and think of more later. I may or may have not experienced these eight things =)
The shorter person in the cartoon would represent me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Piano (wo)man

Here is a clip of me playing the piano. It is a very low quality version because all you really need to hear is the piano. Yes, there are several mistakes and the lighting is bad cause I played this at one in the morning.