Friday, November 21, 2008

The Scoop on Twilight:The Movie

*So I just got back from watching the movie, Twilight. I thought I would write a review while everything is fresh in my mind. What did I think? Hmmmm, I would have to give it a 5 out of ten. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular. 
Warning: There are some SPOILERS.

*Things I thought were awesome-
-the actor who portrayed Charlie did an excellent job 
-the scene where Bella leaves Charlie is probably the most emotional
- jessica stanley was good
-I liked the Cullens. Their part in the movie made it exciting.
-the baseball scene was wicked cool. Very entertaining, but wished it was longer
-the fight scene was cool, wished it was a little bit longer, but the whole scene was fun
-overall the cinematography was good. showed the beauty of that area
-the look on Jaspar's face when Edward saves bella from the crashing van.
-there was some good humor in the film, funny lines
-the soundtrack-the various artists' songs added to the movie
-Bella's Lullaby-very pretty melody

*Things that could be better
-the portrayal of Edward  (the way Edward was portrayed was awkward. They made Edward kind of seem dumb at first and they tried to portray Edward's tension too much on screen like how he considers himself a monster. It seemed it little over the top. The story is very internal and trying to externalize the character's thoughts is hard. 
-cheesy lines. I know there are defnitely some cheesy lines in the book, but would someone really say some of these things.
-the pacing-some scenes went really fast, too fast like the scenes with the Cullens and then some were really slow
-the biology scene-seriously the big fan and edward twitching and covering his nose. I know they were trying to make it visible to non-twilight fans that edward was addicted to her scent, but doing that made the scene unintentionally funny. 
-overacting-trying to be a vampire when you are really human was a little bit visible in the movie
-for the amount of publicity and promoting/interviews with all the cast of the Cullen's you would think they would be in the movie a little bit more.  They had small parts. 
-the special effects-trying to make the vampires really fast was hard to do so that part made it a little cheesy. Its a low budget film so u can't expect perfect special effects. 
-the emo score- the lullaby incorporated in the soundtrack was good, but the rest was a little cheesy.
-carlisle's chalk white makeup-why was his so white? He may be immortal, but try and not make him look dead. what were the makeup people thinking?

*Overall, I thought this was OK considering the low budget and a first of a series. I just wished they showed more of the other vampires. I watched it the second time and my perception of the movie is a little harsher. It got cheesier.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Kind of Bread makes or breaks a sandwich

I have made a discovery on campus. There is this little place  where they have these absolutely delicious sandwiches. They are small but on a irrisistable ciabatta bread. and they are healthy too! I like sandwiches but this bread made me love them. If you get the cheap 99 cent bread, there is a huge difference; thats when I stop eating sandwiches,. I suggest getting the tasty good quality kind. So a lesson learned, the kind of bread can make or break a sandwich.
And now I really like Ciabatta bread.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cause we like to party...

Sorry have not posted in a long
Besides going to class and doing homework, I like to have fun. Our apartment likes to have parties. We have fondue parties, hot chocolate parties, and believe it or not drinking parties-mormon style as in non-alcoholic For Halloween, we had a carnival sort of party. we bobbed for apples, had donuts tied to a string, pie eating contests, and lots of fun games planned.
Last Friday, we had a birthday/drinking party. We had lots of margaritas, food, and funny games like drunke
n mormon. If you have not heard of drunken mormon, it is basically where you take a broom and hold it close to your body, look straight up at the ceiling and spin really fast about twenty times and then try and jump over the broom. Its quite amusing to watch.  
We have created quite a lot of messes from spraying 12 cans of silly string, having pumpkin guts fights, and other fun activities.
Stuff  I have done...
fondue parties
drinking party
halloween party
hot chocolate and cookie party
pumpkin carving
and more