Monday, May 18, 2009

A Blooper Moment...

So today, I decided to use the exercise equipment in the lounge of my apartment complex. I also wanted to get ahead on some reading so I brought my history book and a pen with me to study and also work out. Now this treadmill was new so for some reason it didn't have that emergency stop safety clip you attach to your person. But as I was running, I was reading and marking things in my book. Things were going pretty good.  Then the treadmill was going faster. As my book was bouncing up and down, I was concentrating harder on the words and not fully paying attention to my surroundings. Soon enough, I forgot that I was doing two things at once and took a tumble. I lost control and fell flat on my face! My history book went flying, I was down on the belt of the treadmill, trying to crawl up the treadmill while it was going full speed. I wanted to pull the emergency stop, but it was too late, I was quickly thrown off the end of the machine. Suddenly, I was on the floor of the exercise room. My knees were skinned up and slightly bleeding because of my unsuccessful crawling attempt. I got up and then looked for my book and turned off that darn treadmill :) 
There were also some people I knew in the other room who probably were wondering what the loud crash and groaning from the fall was. ha. ha. It was a funny embarrassment.