Saturday, June 21, 2008


Cheers!!! Bubby pretending to sleep

Anaya Dancing

Hanging Out... With the Fam.

Today I invited Em, Josh, and the kiddies to go feed the ducks. I know Austin and Anaya love that. Austin wanted to pet the ducks and geese so when a goose wasn't looking, Austin went right up to him and touched it. We were surprised. Anaya loved throwing bread to the geese. Bubby was busy chasing the birds. It was fun.

I also went to Ben's wedding reception (my brother and law's brother). Bubby loved touching all the "balloons" while Anaya was busy eating and hanging out with her mom. Anaya also likes to jump. She tries so hard and she barely gets off the ground.

Interning...Life as an intern

This Wednesday I went on a story about scams. A lady got a phone call about being a winner of some wal-mart sweepstakes. The scam was not really believable, but I guess a lot of people fall for it. I realized some stories, its harder to find b-roll footage. The reporter and I talked about the realities of working on tv, the time commitment, the hours, the lifestyle etc. We talked about filming and writing that the video footage and audio should each tell the story.
Next, I helped an editor do the graphics for the newscast. He is training to be a director and I've done the graphics before so I led him through the steps. I also ran prompter for some of the nightly newscast. That was fun.
This Thursday I went to a story about a camp for kids whose parents are deployed oversees. The reporter let me conduct all the interviews, that includes making up the questions. I then asked to do a stand-up. It was a creative one. I wore a 45 lb. police vest, heavy metal helmet and other things while delivering the standup. It was active. Next, I talked to news director Joe Cole, where he showed me some resume tapes and told me what to look for. Some things he noticed were fast montages and natural stand-ups. It was very helpful to get the details of what is expected in news.