Monday, March 31, 2008

Cool Video

Hey Guys
here is a cool video link I heard about when my sunday school teacher brought it up in class.

It might seem negative at first, but wait and watch the whole thing!

What do you think? Neat huh?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twilight- The Review...

So I just finished Twilight and New Moon. Yes! I read them quite fast. They were very good. I am suprised I liked them so much since its so romantic and mushy. But I loved Twilight. It was supsenseful especially at the end. New Moon I liked, but not as much because of certain elements of the story [shhh. I can't tell:)]. I am trying to wait to read the third book for the summer. We will see.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Movies I recommend...
1. Horton Hears a Who
2. Dan in Real Life
3. August Rush
4. I am David

Don't Even Bother Watching...
1. The R.M.- cheesy and over the top
2. Baptists at our Barbeque- cheesy and over the top
3. Latter Night Live (It wasn't really that funny, except one guy)
4. Billy Madison- The guy's annoying and really crude. I stopped watching it. It was offensive.

Books I recommend reading...
1. The David Pelzer series- yes all the books. Its about endurance and dedication. Really good.
2. Killer Angels- Any Civil war buffs? I'm not one, but its a good one about Gettysburg.
3. Dante's Inferno- A complicated, but interesting read.

Bear with me... It may not be visually appealing

Hey just started the blog today, but bear with me. I don't know how to edit the pictures so they are formatted nicely.
But Have a Great Day!

We're dying... Easter Eggs.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

1. Youson, Youna, and me

2. Me, Avrina, and Youson ready to dye the eggs.

Hey So my roommates and I decided to dye easter eggs today since its that holiday. It was a lot of fun. We took crayons and drew on the eggs and then put them in purple, pink, yellow, green, and orange dye. It was a lot of fun.

A Scoot in the park...

On Saturday, it was a pretty nice day so I decided to take my kick scooter and scoot around in a park and have some quiet, relaxing time. It was a little chilly for my taste. During my visit, I took some pictures of the frozen ponds and the hundreds of ducks that would swarm you if you brought food for them. It was really nice. Enjoy the photos.

  1. Frozen pond with sunset 2. The Road Ahead 3. One of the many ducks

My First Post

Howdy All,
Well guys this is my first blog post. Exciting. Well not much going on. I just have school which is good. I really like my Old Testament class. I never knew I would learn so much. I always thought that the Old Testament had some weird and obscure stories. Classes end in a few weeks which is scary. Ahhh.

So I started reading the Twilight series, well at least the first book anyway. I thought it looked kind of lame at first, but it is actually really good. Very interesting and the writing style is excellent. I'll let you know how I really liked it when I finish the book.