Monday, April 18, 2011

Gerry Part 2

So its been a couple months since I got Gerry and I still like him a lot. Though he is still afraid of me. However, if I offer him treats like sunflower seeds or yogurt drops, he will sometimes come onto my hand and eat them. He mostly hangs inside his igloo, but he will sometimes form a bedding nest and just sleep in it. And he still will refuse to run in his wheel. :(


So last week, I bought a trash can. But it was one of those nice ones, that cost maybe 30-40 dollars in the store, the metal ones with the flip top. But I got it on sale, as a "as is" item for 5 dollars.

And guess what, it broke. A little plastic piece that holds another piece down, which would cause the trash can lid to flip open, broke off. So I tried temporary measures like scotch tape and super glue. The super glue was a disaster. I put a lot on and it did absolutely nothing. It just got all over my fingertips which feels like dried paint and that's an awful feeling. It took a couple days to come off. So I decided to use those 3m wall hangers and some packing tape to do the job. Is this repair job super ghetto or resourceful? I think it is both.

This is one of my less than intelligent posts.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Which design do you like better?


I am working on the latter one. Still tweaking, redesigning it etc.

Gerry the gerbil (JAIR-ee)

So I have always wanted a furry pet of some kind, most preferably a dog, but I can't have a dog at my place so I decided to go with a small animal. I think guinea pigs are cute, but they are more expensive and I wanted to try out a smaller guy instead, considering I've never owned a rodent before. So I got a gerbil because they are the least odor producing small animals and are friendly. After much research and shopping for the best prices, I got Gerry. I just bought him today so he is getting used to his new home and pretty soon I will try and train him to use his running ball.
I will try and post clearer and better pictures when he gets more adapted to his cage.

Blog Deprived

So I realized the last time I blogged was ten months ago. That is sad. So I am going to very briefly summarize these last ten months for you.
1. I moved. Yeah, I got out of Utah and moved to Colorado Springs. I can spend time with Em and the babies and for a few months, I got to spend time with the rents. They are in Fiji now, serving a church mission. I also live in this cute little apartment that has a fireplace and my own bedroom, kitchen, and family room to myself.
2. I got a temp office job. First job working in an office setting. I don't know how long they will keep me, but at least I am getting some experience.
3. I spent Christmas with everyone in the family and Nastia, our Russian friend joined us too. We took lots of pictures, had some cherished moments. It was a lot of fun.
4. I am having fun at a Colorado Springs singles ward. Making new friends, serving callings etc. Funny story, one of my friends who went to BYU-Idaho (I even interviewed her for one of my college news packages), moved out here and I saw her one day and recognized the name too and we have become good friends.