Monday, March 2, 2009

Pictures, Parties, and Silliness

Here is the continuation of our fun. And yes we do study, and we do HW, but we do like to have a social life.

Pictures: group pictures for a friend's class, out to Applebee's, candid pictures, and us drinking our IBC root beers.

What we also do besides our Sunday get togethers is poker night. Texas Hold'em is the usual game of choice. We don't have a buy in, so basically we are playing purely out of fun, no real money involved. It is fun cause then I am likely to take big risks. Do you call or fold? I raise! Just kidding. 

Roommate Fun

   During the semester, my roommates and I like to do stupid, but fun things. A while ago we had ganster night where we dressed up thugs and went shopping to Wal-mart and Broulims. we may have looked pretty stupid, but why not go hardcore? Ok we really look like idiots with our false sense of Ganster style.

We also all bought footed PJ's and took some cool pictures. Thats where we watch chick flicks and have a girls night out (well more like girls night in cause we arent going in public with those PJ's)