Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blog Deprived

So I realized the last time I blogged was ten months ago. That is sad. So I am going to very briefly summarize these last ten months for you.
1. I moved. Yeah, I got out of Utah and moved to Colorado Springs. I can spend time with Em and the babies and for a few months, I got to spend time with the rents. They are in Fiji now, serving a church mission. I also live in this cute little apartment that has a fireplace and my own bedroom, kitchen, and family room to myself.
2. I got a temp office job. First job working in an office setting. I don't know how long they will keep me, but at least I am getting some experience.
3. I spent Christmas with everyone in the family and Nastia, our Russian friend joined us too. We took lots of pictures, had some cherished moments. It was a lot of fun.
4. I am having fun at a Colorado Springs singles ward. Making new friends, serving callings etc. Funny story, one of my friends who went to BYU-Idaho (I even interviewed her for one of my college news packages), moved out here and I saw her one day and recognized the name too and we have become good friends.

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The Strawdermans! said...

Is that at Hungry Bear? You really had a event-filled year! Glad you are liking Colorado...but then, what is not to like??