Sunday, April 18, 2010


So today I was thinking about my family and I thought of my sister Emily and how I admire how she and Josh are such good parents. They teach their kids to do the rights things, to be responsible, and considerate of others. I think it is very selfless and loving for them to do all these things. Here is what I admire and notice about them...
1. They teach Austin and Anaya to be responsible like picking up their toys, helping out etc. For example, they have weekly chores and a reward system for doing their chores. I heard Austin is really good at folding his clothes and is great at getting his own breakfast.
2. They make sure they are learning both spiritually and academically.
A. They have family home evening which they teach them about the gospel and come up with creative activities that correlate with the lesson. See for an example.
B. Em also has school for the kids so they could learn numbers, letters, things about nature, and how our bodies work etc. And it is really sweet Em comes up with fun, interactive activities that will help the kids grasp the different subjects.
3. Em and Josh coordinate playtime activities with other families so they can meet other kids. It is good to learn to make friends and share with other kids.
4. Em will spent countless hours making things for the kids like dresses, costumes, presents etc. She once made lobster for Austin because he begged to try one (and lobster is expensive). She didn't have to spend the time to make the lobster, but she did because it would make Austin happy.
5. Em and Josh takes the time to go out with the kids and have one on one time with each of them so they can bond. Em took Austin on a hike despite the fact that she was exhausted and in great physical discomfort from her pregnancy. She sacrificed her time and energy so she could spend a day with Austin. I thought that was really sweet.
6. Em teaches the kids how to cook and make things even though it might be easier and less messy if she just did it herself.
A. She spends time making beautiful birthday cakes for the kids. Anaya wanted a princess cake with castles and Disney Cars characters and Austin got pretty cool train cake.
7. They also might get up early and spend hours looking at things that might be exciting for the kids like parades, air balloon events, easter egg hunts, holiday activities etc.
8. In the fall, Em and Josh will be taking Austin to a school that is farther away. They will have to get up early morning to drop off him at school and pick him up (no bus service) so Austin can have a safer and better education experience.

I can tell that Em and Josh devote much of their money, time, and energy to Austin and Anaya. I hope that when I become a mother I can learn and apply what they have taught and done for their kids.


Emily said...

Wow...Thanks Hill! After reading this, we sound like the coolest parents ever! We're just lucky we have kids who want to hang out with us. I'm sure that will change. haha!

The Strawdermans! said...

They ARE pretty cool! The kids are lucky to have them as parents! You will be a fantastic mom too!