Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gerry the gerbil (JAIR-ee)

So I have always wanted a furry pet of some kind, most preferably a dog, but I can't have a dog at my place so I decided to go with a small animal. I think guinea pigs are cute, but they are more expensive and I wanted to try out a smaller guy instead, considering I've never owned a rodent before. So I got a gerbil because they are the least odor producing small animals and are friendly. After much research and shopping for the best prices, I got Gerry. I just bought him today so he is getting used to his new home and pretty soon I will try and train him to use his running ball.
I will try and post clearer and better pictures when he gets more adapted to his cage.


The Strawdermans! said...

I guess he's cute. For a rodent, haha. Maybe we should bring a mongoose home for you... Enjoy your new friend!

beckie. said...