Friday, April 9, 2010

April Fools!

Prank 1
So on April Fools, I called my parents and told them I broke my arm (Remember, I tried this same trick to my sister, Emily, a couple years ago and it worked :)). I called Dad first, but he didn't believe me, so I tried to pull a fast one on Mom. It took a lot of convincing to make my Mom believe me. After my mom got home, I told her the prank was over on the phone. After a period of long silence, Mom was flabbergasted and shocked to here that my broken arm was a joke. I HAD SUCCEEDED AGAIN!
Here are the steps to fooling someone:
1. Actually go to the hospital emergency room, take pictures of the emergency room and send them to your loved ones.
2. While on the phone, have one of the nurses that actually takes patients in, page you to "go to radiology so they can take x-rays"
3. Absolutely promise that you are in the hospital while you are telling the "horrible" news, which I was in the hospital, just in the food court.
4, If your Mom asks you what bone you broke and "you don't know", ask one of the surgeon waiting room attendants, to name a bone in your arm. He picked the radius.
5. Be persistent and patient.

Prank 2
How to Surprise your roommates
1. Buy really cheap, huge goldfish and put them in separate baggies.
2. Put those baggies in each of their rooms in very open places at random parts of the day.
3. Convince your one roommate there was "absolutely" no way you could have bought the fish because you were at "work all day"

Pictures coming soon.


The Strawdermans! said...

Be ready for next year, Hillary....:)

Cayla said...

yea.. just wait for this year. muwahaha.